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Elizabeth Busey : Fine Art Printmaker

Printmaking fascinates me. It is a process that includes planning, drawing, carving, inking and printing. Printmaking is also a process of serendipity. Interesting colors and textures are created in this multi-layered process.

Travel and a love of nature inspire my work. I explore patterns in nature that repeat themselves over large and extremely small scales. I'm also drawn to topography as I consider the change and movement of the earth as a metaphor for the human experience.

Features of my Open Studio:

Upstairs: My latest work, framed and unframed • Tasty snacks and beverages
Downstairs: Printmaking in action on my recycled steel press  •  Restrooms

My studio is located at 4324 E Beacon Ct in the Park Ridge East subdivision. 

Directions: From Smith Rd (between 3rd and 10th Streets) turn on Morningside Drive into the Park Ridge East subdivision. Make the next two lefts (Sheffield & Plymouth) and then a right at the second court (Beacon Ct.)  I can be reached at (812) 345-3840.

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