James B. Campbell

MAP TO JIM’S STUDIO: 2708 Arlington Rd.
JIM’S WEBSITE: campbellarts.net
CONTACT: campbellarts@campbellarts.net or 812-929-7645

I paint the inconsistencies of mind.

Within the cacophony of thought,
what we believe is often
in conflict with our lives.

I paint the search for resolution,
and the desire for meaning.

To observe the multiplicity,
and contentious division of mind
is to find ourselves.

I embrace the paint and paths
that sculpt life in unexpected ways.

Growth is the result of changing our paradigms.  Being a visual artist that means changing the way I see my world which leads to altering the way I think about it.  This may involve choosing a different vantage point  from which to view something or selecting a different material to work with. These changes of perception spark new challenges and opportunities for realizing the expression of ideas.

When viewing abstract work our individual interpretative filters are brought in to play where we are  encouraged to expand how we see.  In many ways, my sculptural paintings through the language of landscape, color, and composition become a map of the moment of creation. The landscape may be actual but more often it is the figurative landscape of the mind. To me this is the landscape of how I live and think, create solutions, and overcome challenges.  Growth is when, through my work, I can create something that lets people see the world a little differently.

— James B. Campbell