Virtual Studio Tour

Featured artists
July 10 – 16, 2020

This spring and summer the Bloomington Open Studios Tour will be virtual. Each week a few of the member artists will present a collection of their work and a video tour of their studio. Check out the Schedule of Artists — we’ll be featuring new artists every week starting on Fridays.

Joanne Shank

I work in several different styles. Though these three styles appear very different, they are similar in that I am trying to capture the energy of the moment.

Video tour of Joanne’s studio and gallery of her work

Ellen Starr Lyon

Ellen is a figurative painter showing throughout the United States with a focus on the Midwest.

Video tour of Ellen’s studio and gallery of her paintings

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Zoom greeting from the artists of BOST:

Zoom image of the artists of the Bloomington Open Studios Tour

BOST is (left to right, top to bottom in the Zoom screenshot above):
Cheryl Ann Gregg, Cassidy Young, Michal Ann Carley, Ellen Starr Lyon, Dawn Adams, Bonnie Gordon-Lucas, Paul Smedberg, Mary Uthuppuru, James B. Campbell, Meg Lagodzki, Elizabeth Busey, Joanne Shank, Dena Hawes, Kristen Stamper, Christy Wiesenhahn, David Young