Map of Artists Studios for 2023

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  1. Michal Ann Carley and Frank Lewis
    3320 E Robinson Road
  2. James Campbell and Sharon Campbell
    2708 W Arlington Rd
  3. Christopher Warren Elam
    739 N. Oolitic Dr.
  4. Elizabeth Busey and Sandy Davoren
    401 West 6th Street Suite
  5. Arkady Roytman
    328 Euclid Ave.
  6. Joanne Shank
    560 E Holland Dr.
  7. Dawn Adams
    315 South Arbutus Dr.
  8. Paul Smedberg
    517 N. Colony Ct.
  9. Bonnie Gordon-Lucas and Jackie Olenick
    4105 E. Bill Mallory Blvd.
  10. Meg Lagodzki
    5657 E Lampkins Ridge Rd.
  11. Cheryl Ann Gregg
    7807 East Lampkins Ridge Rd.