Bloomington Open Studios Tour 2014 - June 7th and 8th

Bloomington Open Studios Tour is a fun 2-day event in which area artists open their studios to visits from the general public. You can visit as many studios as you like, and it's a great way to support Bloomington artists. Aaannnddd, there is no cost to attend.

  • The 2016 Tour is in preparation now.
  • Information about the 2016 participating artists and examples of their work is available here on this site. 
  • See many artists demonstrate their creative processes in their studios during the tour.
  • There is no cost to the general public for maps or guides or to participate. The cost of the event has been paid by the artists themselves and the sponsors. Thank you sponsors.
  • This is a cooperative venture completely run by the artist participants. 

Make a payment for a space in our 2016 Tour Brochure here:

Sponsorship Space Size

Make a tax-deductable donation to the Bloomington Open Studios Tour through the Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington here: