Mary Uthuppuru

Mary Uthuppuru creates artist books, bindings, boxes, and prints inspired by science, literature and travel. After receiving a BA in art history and a master’s in library science, specializing in rare books, she closely studied the history of the book accompanied by training through workshops across the country.  Mary began working as a Conservation Technician at the Lilly Library in 2007 and gained an in-depth study of book structures and their repair under the direction of the head of Conservation. As of 2010, she began her career as a full-time book artist and book binder under the name Spring Leaf Press at her home studio in Bloomington, Indiana. Mary continues to exhibit work nationally and internationally.

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2017, Moveable book, gate structure
Acrylic paint, stencil, drawing fluid, handmade paper $450.00

2017, Layered accordion book
Relief print, Japanese paper $100.00

Tunnel of Love
2014, Tunnel book
Linocut, watercolor, assorted handmade papers, Thai paper $200.00

Undefined lines
2014, Woven binding
Paste cloth, paste paper, Rives BFK, watercolor, decorative paper $1000.00

Prints and 2D works:

Below, Mary demonstrates how she created Hairy Wombat in this short and silent time lapse video of her paper weaving.

Hairy Wombat Weaving
2020, 10.525″ x 8″ Original drawing,
Handmade paper, unframed $75.00


Quiet Invitiation
Conductive Sculpture
Handmade paper, acrylic, wire, Arduino, LEDs,
coppertape, sticker LEDs NFS