Bloomington Open Studios Tour

Meg Lagodzki

I paint from life as much as possible, and when the weather is nice, I spend most of my time hiding in the woods and local quarries, doing plein air studies and gathering material for large studio pieces. 

I am very excited to share that I will be in a new (for me) studio space this year. For visitors who have done the tour in years past, it will be a familiar location, as I am moving into the studio of a long time former BOST member. I will share more after our closing date, so watch this space for details!

During this year's tour I will have plenty of landscapes large and small in progress to share with you, and will also be showing (for the first time) my daily half hour and one hour paintings. Look me up on Instagram to see more!


For more images of my paintings, please visit my website: or follow me on Instagram: @mlagodzki