Bloomington Open Studios Tour

Margaret Gohn

You can find my studio at the iFell Building / Gallery @ 415 W. 4th Street (@ 4th & Rogers) in Bloomington, Indiana. I am in the far South-East corner - the opposite corner from the Rainbow Bakery.

You can find more images of my paintings @ I have a Facebook page for my studio @



I create thick, tactile, colorful paintings primarily based on nature. I have studied subjects such as wildflowers and waterfalls. I enjoy a studied, spontaneous approach. I also like to blur the lines of reality and abstraction.

Recently, I have been combining images of the earth (utilizing NASA satellite imagery) with roses of various colors and in various states of drying out. Painting images of the earth - from different days, and with various views, I contemplate the weather, climate, and effects on the land such as desertification. I notice cloud patterns relative to the land and vegetation - and how they affect each other. 

The way the two subjects interact, a rose can appear to be the size of Mexico. The earth becomes a backdrop for the leaves and petals. The swirl of a rose seems to echo the swirl of the clouds - the colors of the rose similar to colors of the land or clouds. Part of the overall effect and sensibility of the finished painting includes how the various symbolisms of roses, and the earth in general, relate to life and love - and mortality. 

This year, starting 2017, I’ve started painting the earth in more detail, in acrylic. I am creating some relief textures, as appropriate. I finish the background in oil — with the background consisting of my studio, or somewhere here ‘on earth’. I have also painted the earth to show how it will look in the future with sea level rise, melted ice, as well as expected drought / rain / other effects. This little bit of surrealism brings the big picture earth ‘down to earth’ - here where we live, in the Bloomington, Indiana area.