Bloomington Open Studios Tour

Kathy Barton


Artistic Statement – Kathy Truelove Barton – Bloomington, IN – June 2016
Over her lifetime, Kathy has become one who believes in “the spirit of place.” This spirit inhabits many of the pictures she has painted outdoors, or created indoors from photographs taken on location. Kathy enjoys painting and photographing landscapes.
Kathy Barton is an active member of Bloomington Watercolor Society and the Upland Plein Air Painters group both based here in Bloomington, Indiana. The Plein Air Group meets weekly at locations in and around Monroe County and beyond.  Several of her paintings available on the tour are from these painting days.
Kathy uses travel, museums, observation and the classroom to advance her work. Her love of art, travel and nature have reinforced each other. This year Kathy is a participating artist in the Bloomington Open Studios Tour in Bloomington, IN, on Saturday, June 4th from 10 AM to 6PM;  and Sunday, June 5th from 10 AM to 4 PM.  See Directions Below:
7807 Lampkins Ridge Road, Bloomington, IN - Duckworth Design Studio
From the center of town, take Walnut St. South to Hillside Ave.
Hillside becomes E. Moores Pike. Pass through the 1st "round about" and travel about 2 miles.
E. Moore's Pike becomes E. Lampkins Ridge Road.  Continue on Lampkins Ridge Road for 3.8 miles and watch for Studio 22,  Duckworth Designs where Kathy is a guest artist for the tour.
Alternate route
Take 3rd Street East to 446 ByPass.
Turn right or South on 446,  watch for Lampkins Ridge Road, and turn left or East on Lampkins Ridge Road and watch for 7807 on the mailbox and the Studio 22 signage.  It will be on your right.