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Juliana Burrell


Moving to the U.S from Brazil, Juliana Majored in Fine Arts, Folklore and Portuguese at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. She also completed a k-12 Teaching Certification in Visual Arts Education and taught public school children for 14 years.
Juliana is now owner of AsaBela Bloomington Circus Academy, a circus arts school in Bloomington, students come across state lines to study with her. During Circus Camp, Juliana really enjoys teaching fine arts to her circus peanuts.

Juliana is an accomplished acrylic painter, showing her work in Indiana and permanently displayed in Los Angeles, California. Her artwork is in collections across the country, Brazil, Mongolia and Europe! One of her paintings, “Blue Girl” sold to Stewart Copeland (drummer for the band “The Police).

Her paintings express her deep interest in human relationships and emotions. Large canvas and acrylic paintings with bold lines, vivid colors, and defined shapes are the hallmark of her artistic style. Her rich and diverse cultural background is a constant source of inspiration, from her early experiences in Brazil, to the enchantment of circus life.

Recently, Juliana was introduced to Intuitive Art, she’s enjoying the freedom this art style affords any professional or aspiring artists. Juliana will be offering Intuitive Art workshops to share the joy.

"Mother Night"- how I made it!

This is my first acrylic painting. It was inspired by the idea of interconnected stars. The image of a mother and child are a constant source of inspiration to me, my daughters are the most precious part of my life.

The pattern in the sky and iron bench adds interest to the space around the embracing figures. The fractured female is inspired by how a tailor might make a perfectly fitting garment, specifically a circus trapeze costume. While touring the USA performing in the circus, I taught myself how to make costumes. With this tailoring in mind, I structure most of my painted figures. Fractured, but not broken.

"Blind Catch"-

This is one of my favorite acrylic paintings. For this painting I chose to make an un-fractured female figure, her body and face are a continuous, flowing shape. I was inspired by the idea of a performer in profile view with a stand-out head piece. Eventually the idea of an active, skillful hand came to mind, a theme I’ve been exploring in depth. The female figure is a constant source of inspiration to me. The dark background makes the figure stand out! Her poise and ease are evocative of strength, skill, energy- CONFIDENCE! The performer is inspired by my years as a circus trapeze artist. My circus experience brought me self-confidence, showed me how strong I am and how amazing the human body really is!