Bloomington Open Studios Tour

Jonathan Barnitt

I grew up in the County of Cornwall, England. I qualified with a BA degree in 3 dimensional design and Silversmithing from Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts in London, England. I've worked in jewelry retail shops making commissions, doing repairs and sales , a large manufacturing business where I made the master pieces and molds to produce multiple castings in silver and pewter. I've run my own business but after a financial recession in England I went to work at a dental laboratory making gold crowns.  I moved to America 15 years ago having fallen in love and getting married. My wife lives in Bloomington so I moved here. I work full time as a dental technician here but also have a studio space in the I Fell building at 4th and Rogers st. The studios offer spaces to various types of artists to create and sell their work from. I design , make one off commissions, repairs , cast and manufacture silver items. I also work in other metals such as gold, titanium, copper , brass and bronze. The finish I try to achieve on my pieces makes a simple design stand out while using other techniques make a different statement about the designs. The influence of where I come from , Cornwall, being one of the Celtic nations has given me a love for Celtic knot work. The processes used to design and make the knots are therapeutic and a form of meditation as I sit sawing out the pieces using very a fine bladed piercing saw.