Bloomington Open Studios Tour

Elizabeth Parrock

A love for antique buttons and art deco pottery and nature are the key elements in my jewelry designs. I am particular with color and use muted earthy combinations of beads that compliment the precious metal clay elements. Branches, leaves and flowers are focus of my designs, either realistic or with a romantic vintage flavor.

What I am doing now has combined all my formal education, passions and history. I have a Bachelor of Arts from Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Michigan where I studied fine art and majored in ceramics. After graduating, I married and the house we bought had blank slate for a yard. I attended the local community college and took horticulture and floral design courses. I became an avid gardener and used flowers as my pallete in my yard. The interior of our house is a result of scouting flea markets and antique stores. While antiquing I discovered vintage and antique buttons. I use the buttons extensively in my jewelry, as a focal point in a pin, as a mold for precious metal clay and also as clasps for woven pieces.

Making and designing jewelry is a second career for me. I abandoned my job in accounting to find something that used the stronger, other side of my brain. When I discovered bead work, then the precious metal clay, there was no turning back. I have been selling my work at local art fairs for ten years now and recently have been selling at stores and galleries. I work in a bead store where I teach bead weaving classes. I have also had one of my designs in Bead and Button magazine in the"Your Work" gallery.