Bloomington Open Studios Tour

Elizabeth Busey : Fine Art Printmaker

This year when you visit my studio, you will be invited to create your own topography inspired bookmark. I've printed the first color layer, and you will complete the image with gold ink! Experience the feel of the thinly rolled ink, the resistance of the press crank and that aha! moment when you lift up your finished print. 

Travel and a love of nature inspire my work. I explore patterns in nature that repeat themselves over large and extremely small scales. I'm also drawn to topography as I consider the change and movement of the earth as a metaphor for the human experience.

Features of my Open Studio:

Upstairs: My latest work, framed and unframed • Tasty snacks and beverages
Downstairs: Printmaking in action on my recycled steel press  •  Restrooms

My studio is located at 4324 E Beacon Ct in the Park Ridge East subdivision. 

Directions: From Smith Rd (between 3rd and 10th Streets) turn on Morningside Drive into the Park Ridge East subdivision. Make the next two lefts (Sheffield & Plymouth) and then a right at the second court (Beacon Ct.)  I can be reached at (812) 345-3840.

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