Bloomington Open Studios Tour

Dawn Adams Paintings

I Received a BA from DePauw University, Greencastle, IN and an MFA in painting from Indiana University, Bloomington. Collaborating in fused glass with my husband, Dale Steffey, we developed a unique body of work for the wall. We have been professional artists for over 30 years, having created pieces that hang internationally, across the U.S., and in several public venues including 7 hospitals. I  started painting again as my primary process, but we still have some of the fused glass we have kept over the years. It is an interesting retrospective as we often pulled a piece from our inventory each year to keep. Both glass and paintings will be on display during the tour.  You can see images of both glass and painting them on the website listed below.
The inception of this newer body of work, paintings of water imagery, started as a response to grief at the loss of our son, Wade, in 2007. Making art was therapy for me, and I wanted the viewing of my paintings to be spiritually soothing as well. I explored the subject of water for its psychological implications and limitless visual qualities. It is a versatile subject that can exist well on several levels - composition, abstraction as well as representation, and emotional content. It has been challenging and rewarding.
To this work I bring ideas of image building taken from our glass making. Translucent layering of painting techniques creates much visual depth. And I have been able to incorporate the knowledge I gained using the faux finishes when I painted the frames for the glass. Resists, combing, sponging, splatter and other unconventional techniques have been invaluable for depicting water.
I have started painting abstracts of water.  It will be interesting to see where this takes my work.
Looking forward to sharing all the wide range of work that showing in a studio allows us.

315 South Arbutus Dr.  Bloomington, IN  47401