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Craig Barton


I used to use a view camera and 4” x 5” or 8” x 10” film to capture adequate detail for large prints.  Now, working digitally with high resolution camera equipment and with the ability to combine multiple overlapping images to improve image quality (including the ability to deal with high dynamic range subject matter) I am able to produce images evoking a memory of the moment so real that you are there.  Adequate size in the final image in conjunction with exceptional resolution plays a part in the effect, the smallest of my images is 12” x 18”; my panoramas tend toward 24” x 60” and some can go larger than10’ without loss of detail.  Although much of my work has immediate impact all of my work contains subtleties which take years of interaction to know and appreciate, every day with an image is like another conversation with an old friend where you find something new and interesting to enrich the relationship.



In 1973 Craig D. Barton spent nine days in a rubber raft going through the Grand Canyon.  That experience caused him to rethink many things, including his vocation.  It was also the year his uncle, Harland Nasvik, retired as head still photographer for General Mills and opened Harland’s Camera Graphics, a studio specializing in food photography.  Craig spent a year at Hennepin Technical Center enrolled in the Commercial Photography program to get the basics then spent five years learning the art of photography with the master photographer, Harland Nasvik.  After that, Craig went freelance with an emphasis on fine art photography and architectural photography.

In 1981 Craig received a grant from Lesch Gallery in Minneapolis to produce “Building Pieces/MSP”, over 170 large format abstract architectural images which were exhibited at the gallery.  In 1982 through 1985 Craig received a grant of large format film and processing from Photographic Specialties in St. Paul to pursue nature and landscape work.

There was an artistic leave of absence from 1989 to 1997 while Craig returned to computer support and programming, skills which are now employed in his art.

In 1997, Craig and his wife, Kathy, formed Barton Images to publish and market Craig’s photographic work.  Barton Images provides high quality scenic and abstract images on the web site  Images formerly represented by Shostal Associates, Photo Library, and Freelance Photographers Guild are now at

Craig was the Artist-in-Residence at Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park for 2013, hiking as many as fifteen miles each day with the Chalet as base camp he produced many stunning images and a book about the experience.

Craig has taught “Composition in Art and Photography” at Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis Artists’ Guild, High Plains Art and Design Center, for Missouri Nature and Environmental Photographers, and for the Bloomington Photography Club.  Craig is a mentor for the Bloomington Photography Club in landscape, macro, architectural, and panoramic photography.

Craig is a former member of Gallery North on the Square, a cooperative gallery in Bloomington, Indiana where he was a member for over three years and is a former Vice President.  He is active in the Bloomington (Indiana) Photography Club where he is a mentor for Large Format, Macro, LAWN (Landscape Architecture Wildlife Nature) and Panorama special interest groups.  His current emphasis is in building highly detailed images from multiple overlapping frames, frequently incorporating high dynamic range.


1004 Nicholas Ln, Ellettsville, IN  47429