Bloomington Open Studios Tour

Christy Wiesenhahn (Weezer)

I am a multi-disciplinary visual artist working in a beautiful studio just outside of Bloomington, Indiana. At times I work primarily as a painter, extensively traveling with my watercolors and creating oil paintings in the studio. And for periods, the melodrama but yet playfulness of stained glass is my primary interest. In my glass work, I develop designs that experiment with how light interacts with dueling and friendly colors. In addition, I regularly collaborate with my husband Bart Smith to design and build skateparks, interactive public sculptures, and smaller works like the bike themed stained glass with wire art. Days after the studio tour, I am heading to Northern Denmark where we are building a small skatepark. I will be bringing mosaics to install in the park, and I am happy to have the opportunity to work with a local glass arist during my visit. My Studio is located at 7438 Lampkins Ridge Road. There are 3 studios open on Lampkins, featuring 7 artists total and covering multiple mediuums like ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, painting, and glass work. Looking forward to meeting you!