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Chris Elam: Contemporary Mosaic Artist


I believe that life is sacramental – somehow divine grace breaks into our world through material and earthly means. Creating mosaics is one of the ways I participate in the sacramentality of life. Through the slow and repetitive process of cutting and setting pieces of glass and stone in mortar, materials made of basic elements, an image comes to exist that speaks back to its maker, me. I create mosaics because it gives me ample opportunity to discern a thought, an emotion, an experience, an image or some other curiosity and then make a tangible expression of it. To me, Beauty is another name for this “divine grace.” The artist does not determine whether “Beauty” will arrive or not, but the artist is in the unique position to try and try again to bring about such an encounter. I love how George Rouault put it, “My only ambition is to be able one day to paint Christ so movingly that those who see Him will be transformed.” For me, to create beautiful moments, moments of grace; that is the ultimate goal of my work.

My Studio is located at: 739 N. Oolitic Drive on the northwestern edge of "Pigeon Hill" just off of 11th street. Look for the first block garage on your left with the lime green entry doors. Parking is available both in front and the back side of the building.

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