Bloomington Open Studios Tour

Bert Gilbert


I have been creating objects since I was a kid, spending countless hours in my father's tiny basement workshop. Toy boats, wood carvings, and elaborate alarm systems to keep my sisters out of my bedroom, were my specialties.
 After receiving my degree in Art, I allowed life to life to take me in different directions finally returning to creating sculpture again when my son left for college.  Invigorated by the amazing iron casting workshops at Sculpture Trails of Solsberry, Indiana, I discovered an instant affinity in working with metal, probably forged in the steel mills and smelting plants of Northern Indiana where I spent my college summers. 

I generally use images and forms which seem somewhat familiar to the viewer as an invitation for a dialogue with the piece. By modifying these forms, I try to propose questions to encourage the viewer to consider the complexity and duality of all efforts and decisions. The gray fog of doubt and the way its indecisiveness clouds even success, particularly interests me.


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For the Bloomington Open Studio Tour I will be displaying at Michal Ann Carley"s Lunasong Studio at 3320 East Robinson Rd. Directions: turn off Robinson Rd (follow arrows) onto Cletus Sample and drive to bottom of hill, turn left at Catalpa tree, park at green building.

We are wheelchair accessible (over gravel) and have a bathroom available.