Bloomington Open Studios Tour

Becky Holtzman

My artwork circles and cycles between painting, drawing, and installations made with paper and beeswax. My primary subject is the threshold where the wild and the domestic meet, a space where instinct and learned knowledge inform each other and work together. Many of my works involve animals that I have dreamed about — eighty-two different species over hundreds of dreams, with honeybees having more than their fair share of starring roles. A Jungian might argue that a rich variety of dream creatures represent different aspects of the psyche, but I can't shake the intuition that as a human being living in an era of unprecedented ecological shifts, these dream animals might have their own agendas. A fox howls in a pitch that only I seem able to hear; a woman gently places a snake in a tree, where it coils and gazes at me with intelligent eyes; bees become stars, flying up to meet the moon. Making work about these dreams is my way of listening to them, and of aligning my waking efforts with these curious emissaries from the natural world.

Address: 904 W 2nd St, Bloomington IN 47403
: 812-327-1330

Open Studio features
Works on paper and panel (framed and unframed), and paper sculpture
Homemade pie by David Ondrik

Directions to the studio and parking
My home studio is located at 904 W 2nd Street, just west of Euclid Ave.
Parking is available on Euclid Ave. and Howe St.
Access the studio by walking through the alley, to the back door - signs will point the way!