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Adam Nahas- Cyclops Studios/Artisan Alley

As an Artist, Adam Nahas's goal for sculpting and making is to breathe life into various mediums. Nahas is confident that he has the means to shape and sculpt multiple media of different solidity, and by doing so, can create visually beautiful artwork. His creations represent a vast and unique repertoire of his personal interests. He pursues a variety of subject matter, mediums, and art forms. Nahas's knowledge of anatomy and attention to detail, has allowed himself to create a range of structures from Robotic medical prosthetics to monumental sculptures located all over the world. Other non-sculptural services offered are portrait, caricature, and still-life drawings, graphic design and printmaking.

As a Business, Cyclops Studios is a multi-service art business with proficiency in project design, modeling, constructing, metalworking welding, fabrication and much more.  Some professional foundry services that can be provided are mold making, wax working, complex welding, ferrous and non-ferrous metal fabrication, jewelry making. Additionally, woodworking, stoneworking, and art/sculpture project management are also amongst our services. We understand the business of gravity cast silica bronze, aluminum and centrifuge cast silver and gold. In addition, urethanes, silicones, plasters and Forton MG castings are all familiar to Cyclops Studios in the mold making process. We have years of experience with the modeling process, designing unique artwork, armature building, 3-D computer design, clay work, sulfur-free plastacine, plaster and carvings. 

As a Community, Artisan Alley is a rich and bustling creative environment where individual artistic pursuits come together into a collaborative and energizing space where creative ideas become a reality. Our warehouses, located on the south side of Bloomington, Indiana, are an expansive venue combining a variety of spaces that are perfect for creative businesses, permanent artist studios,gallery space, performance space, art classes and workshops, lectures and private events.

1607 S. Rogers St., Bloomington, IN 47404